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Monday, May 6, 2013


end tableSometimes there’s just something missing. Your living room is adorned with colorful tapestries, delicate curtains, high quality sofas and a matching loveseat. You have a coffee table set in the middle of the room, but it’s not quite right. Sometimes, you need a simple object, like this End Table to fit snugly between your two sofas, like a good placeholder. Treat it as one, since end tables are always easy to replace or maneuver around if you want to rearrange the layout of your living room. You can most likely get this one piece for chump change at this upcoming online auction, so get it while you can! There will certainly be others who are willing to take advantage of such a simple item. To find out more, start by activating your account now and gain access to a slew of government auction items for sale near you.

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Monday, February 4, 2013


draft tableMany artists use Drafting Tables and this one fits the bill. In great shape, it offers a flat surface and a built-in tape measure for all handling all of those details that come with the most advanced of concept art and freehand sketches, or even architectural blueprints. This table is available at an upcoming online auction, with the table itself based in Nevada. Big enough for the largest paper sketches, along with all your art supplies, your computer or even a radio if you’re feeling uneasy with the silence of an art studio, this table is multipurpose. Check it out if you’re in the art industry, an art student, or know someone who is in the art business.  To find out more about this auction item and many others just like it at government auctions happening around the country right now, start today by activating your account.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


light tableEver work in dark places and simply not have enough light to get a good view of all your work? Here’s a Portable Light Table that’s capable of solving your issues. This table lights up, allowing you to get a decent backlight for all your table-top work, whether it’s crafts or writing… or whatever else you may do that requires a flat surface and extra light. This table is available at an upcoming online auction which is based in Montana. You can certainly steal this for a phenomenal price given the limited audience that this type of table caters to. If you’re in the market for one, this is your time. Forget the issues with inadequate light. Get this portable light table for your working needs. In order to obtain more details about auctions like this table, you must first start by activating your account!

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Friday, November 2, 2012


picnic tablesDo you have a nice backyard or a spacious plot of land around your home? Do you have a patio and grill, but not much else? Why not insert 7 Picnic Tables right into your yard and create the perfect spot to have picnics without leaving your home? You can drive 20 miles all the way to the nearest park, set up, only to find out you forgot the ketchup. Or maybe all the spots are already taken up on that nice summer afternoon. With these picnic tables, you can bring the park home and have all your materials at hand and even invite all the neighbors on your block. The tables are available at an upcoming online auction, so don’t miss this chance! Oh, the tables are made of wood, so be sure to repaint them or cover them up in case it rains.You can find out more about these types of government auctions happening around you today by activating your account!

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