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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


deskIf you simply dig the workaholic lifestyle where you are stuck between a pile of office documents and a piece of divorce paper, maybe it’s time to run a simple solution to the big problem: bring your overtime at home. With just a desk and chair set in your room, you can now finish all the tasks without upsetting the wife for going home late again and again. But just a disclaimer— this trick certainly won’t work if you’re a philanderer. But if working after office hours is the plain case, bringing the homework might do wonders for your relationship. Ditch the drama and spend more time with your loved ones, especially during unexpected moments when you need to be there. Get ready to bring this desk and chair set home to transform your relationships, for the price that is as simple as a $5 out of your spare cash. Now start activating your account in this upcoming online auction and bid for it!

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