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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Framed Flag Artwork: Star Striped Decor

flag artworkShow your patriotism and a good eye for decor by getting this Framed Flag Artwork for your home. It’s not easy to tell how this work of art was put together, but it sure looks interesting. The massive frame highlighting the center—composed of a flag and vivid colors in the background—adds an odd sense of depth. You can check out this piece at this upcoming live auction and take a closer look. This work will likely be a good fit anywhere in your home, whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, living room, halls, kitchen, etc. There’s no need to shell out a fortune to pay for top-of-the-line paintings or murals. This modest piece gets the job done. Activate your account and get the information you need to attend this auction and bid.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


iranian carpetNeed something to cover up that boring vacant flooring? Barren wood with limited furniture to spruce up your living room? Grab this authentic Iranian Carpet now at this upcoming live auction to give your home a different atmosphere. There are many choices of these carpets at this auction, so take your pick. Depending on the sizes, these carpets could be incredibly pricey on the open market, so this will be your opportunity to grab one, two or more to deck out your home for a significantly cheaper price. As highly sought-after home decor, these carpets will have plenty of suitors, especially those who are fans of such fine handiwork. If your home is barren and you need something to cover up the cold floor or just to match your other pieces of furniture, get this carpet today. You can start right now, but first you must activate your account!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013


tribal art 2Decorate your home with this superbly done piece of Tribal Art, titled “Up Holy Mountain,” a fantastic addition to any home that focuses on the exotic or the unique. You won’t find such work in your local hobbyist or home decor store. Amongst a vast collection of tribal art pieces in this upcoming live auction, the “Up Holy Mountain” work appears to be a painting of a battle taking place on the edge of a mountain. With a story to tell and a vivid image full of action, this painting adds a great dimension to any room or hallway it graces. Show off your taste in art to your friends and family members who visit your humble abode. Who knows how much a painting like this would fetch on the market, but there’s a good chance you can score a good deal if you tackle this at the auction. Find out more about items being sold at government auctions today by activating your account.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


bathroom setIt’s not right to neglect your bathroom. Other than keeping it neat, clean and tidy, it’s imperative that you furnish it correctly. After all, we want to be as cozy and comfortable in our bathrooms as we can get. Here is a very nice Ceramic Bathroom Set of decorations you can get at this upcoming live auction. There’s a wide array of items in this set, including but not limited to a ceramic case for tissues and a ceramic stand for hand soap. If you have a clean tiled bathroom, this set would fit perfectly in your confines. Items like these could fetch a nice price on the open market, so take advantage of this auction and you will likely be able to collect this set for a bargain price. Start now by activating your account and pick up more info regarding government auctions featuring items like this set and get bidding!

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Friday, November 9, 2012


wall hangingsDecorate the walls at home today with these Wall Hangings that feature photorealistic art and even a portrait that appears to have been signed by pro golfer Tiger Woods! We can’t guarantee that the Tiger Woods portrait is hand-signed or printed, but it’s still a good piece of merchandise you can put up for show in your living room. Each of these pieces are framed and protected so you know you’re getting some quality items here. There’s nothing to worry about; it’s a given that you should be able to grab all of these pieces at a bargain price, perfect for anyone looking to add some uniqueness and life to their home. These wall hangings are available at an upcoming live auction based in North Dakota, so plan ahead! Make the move to brighten up your home, so find out more about these types of items today by activating your account!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


lacquer wall hangingThis is a Lacquer Wall Hanging that features an awesome painting being offered up really soon in an upcoming live auction. This wall art gives off a very exotic feel to it with signs pointing to an artist either from Asia or very knowledgeable on Asian terrain and culture. This piece stands about four feet tall and looks to be very new given the clean state its in. Place this right in your living room to give your cozy quarters a more unique feel to it. Or place this in your bedroom to change the atmosphere a bit. Wherever you do plan on putting this wall hanging, it’s sure to add a different dimension to the room. This item is going to be sold very soon, so by activating your account you can find out much more about items just like this and other government auctions happening around you today!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


marbledecorEver wanted to spruce up your home with some truly interesting objects? Maybe even on the exotic level? Here are some assorted marble home decor that features some white lions and what appear to be rice farmers. Judging from these items, it can be deduced that these items were crafted with ancient Chinese history and culture in mind. While the true age and value of these objects cannot be determined from mere photos, what can be said is that these items are indeed desirable. Given that you’ll be able to buy these from an upcoming live auction, the prices have a good chance to remain at bargain levels. Certainly anyone interested in tweaking the look and feel of their home can make use of these marble decorations. Something on this level will certainly catch the eyes of your guests. You can find out more about auctions like this happening around you today by activating your account!

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