Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Emerald Ring: Don’t Settle for Less

emerald ring 2Why go for the boring metal rings? Or the massive weighty ones that bear down on your fingers? Here is a genuine Emerald Ring available at this upcoming live auction. This is an amazing piece of jewelry that just screams status and class befitting of royalty. For the sake of continuity, we’d like our outfits to match from top to bottom. That green dress you always wanted to wear? This ring would fit perfectly. Skip the jade and go emeralds! This fine piece has the potential to be an amazing deal, and you can see it here in the making. Not everyone can truly appreciate a well-designed ring—with its glorious emerald lodged in the center. Don’t sit out and miss this great opportunity to pick up one of the finest pieces of jewelry you can find at a government auction. Take this time to activate your account to find out more.

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