Wednesday, January 16, 2013


treadmillHave eaten too much Christmas cookies during the holiday season? Everybody grunts at it—you know that extra layer of belly blob you acquired for enjoying all the tasty meals. But before you go on a diet that even beats the hunger strike of a socialist, why not first try to sweat them out? There’s a lot more to exercise than merely burning the nasty flab, you can have stronger muscles and good body circulation. Good deal, right? What makes it better is that you don’t necessarily have to miss an episode of your favorite TV series just to go out and stretch some muscles. You can bid for this very convenient Treadmill for $29 and shape up while you go on a movie marathon at home. Break the notion of being a couch potato and start your healthy habits right where you live at. If you believe that this is for you, join our upcoming online auction and activating your account immediately!

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