Thursday, December 27, 2012


seagate hard driveThis is a Seagate 320GB Portable Hard Drive that’s up for grabs at an upcoming live auction based in New Jersey. Portable hard drives are such wonderful accessories for desktop and laptop computers. They can range from as little as 100GB to over a terabyte in storage size, capable of storing a bunch of photos to full-length Blu-Ray movies. Hook these up via USB cable to your computer and start transferring your files left and right. Set up a full backup of your system for good safety habits. Want to share your movies with a friend but can’t fit all your files into a puny flash drive? This portable hard drive does the job. Need to bring a ton of files and media with you for work? Take this hard drive on-the-go. Don’t skimp on the accessories that can make things so much more convenient for you. Find out more today about items like this Seagate hard drive by activating your account.

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