Monday, December 24, 2012


nintendo 3DSThis Nintendo 3DS is currently at the pinnacle of handheld gaming. Originating as a simple Gameboy system back in the 1980s, Nintendo’s popular handheld gaming console has now evolved into a grand touchscreen-based dual-screen system that is also capable of 3D effects. A stylus is used to manage the bottom touchscreen, while the standard visual screen above is where a handful of the gaming action takes place. Accompanied by the standard AB buttons and D-pad, the familiarity of old-school gaming plus stunning new innovative features make the 3DS a wonderful gift for anyone. This console is available at an upcoming live auction. It’s a valuable piece in retail gaming or electronics stores, so these consoles can be quite the worthwhile purchase at these government auctions. You can find out more about Nintendo 3DS’s and other wonderful items today by activating your account!

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