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Go Item Name Location Mode Date
Go chair Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go us motor Rockford, IL Online ends 7/22/2018 
Go sled tamp Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go power rake Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go wire grips Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go chain saws Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go office table Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go concrete saw Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go wet tile saw Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go jeep cherokee Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go boring reamers Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go 1998 chevy s10 Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go air compressor Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go f350 dump truck Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go 2001 dodge 1500 Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go back hoe breaker Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go generator w/cart Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go a frame locators Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go 2003 ford taurus Springfield, IL Online ends 7/26/2018 
Go plate compactors Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go orange fish tape Springfield, IL Online ends 7/19/2018 
Go tensioner trailer Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go 2002 chevy blazer Springfield, IL Online ends 7/25/2018 
Go 2000 ford explorer Springfield, IL Online ends 7/26/2018 
Go 1998 dodge caravan Springfield, IL Online ends 7/26/2018 
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Monday, July 16, 2018

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