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Go Item Name Location Mode Date
Go 18 scroll saw: delta 40-601 (14-4298 #105 ksd) bf (e5-1m) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go stryker mdl-30053 custom electric hospital bed 120v 60hz. Fort Lewis, WA Online ends 12/22/2014 
Go shop vacuum windsor t720tp (14-4333 # 28 sccd) ja (c4-1l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go anchor explorer p2501 portable speaker (unpowered) 857719-4 Bellingham, WA Online ends 12/21/2014 
Go pump - used gilkey model unknown (14-4422 #6 dot) ja (d4-1r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go biological safety cabinet: sg-600 (14-3620 #80 wsu) bf (r13) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go 18 planer: delta-rockwell 22-200 (14-4298 #93 ksd) bf (b5-2l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go lathe: clausing 4914 (14-4466 #1 seacc) jf (atagencylocation) Seattle, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go lcd monitors (17-19) - 1 pallet mostly dell (noupc) ja (c10-2r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go walk behind scrubber: saber sc20t (14-4333 #24 sccd) bf (c4-1r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go ceiling speakers (ct.21) telex sf-1 (14-4610 #42 ssd) ja (c8-3r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go hot hold cabinet cres-cor 1091820cs (14-4610 #13 ssd) ja (c8-1l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go misc. wires: 1 pallet(unknown count) various (noupc) bf (c10-3l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go pneumatic tire changer: hunter tc3250 (14-4421 #61 ksd) bf (c13) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/20/2014 
Go all surface cleaner teniant 609668 (14-4333 # 29 sccd) ja (c4-1l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/23/2014 
Go red tumbling mat - 94l x 48w sportime (14-4610 #22 ssd) ja (r-13) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go high vacuum pump: edwards/franklin e2m5 (14-4129 #9 wsp) ja(c1-1r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go dental compressor mdt mc kesson 301864 (14-1944 #20 doc) ja (c7-2r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go valve face grinding machine: sioux 680 (14-4421 #70 ksd) bf (c6-1l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/20/2014 
Go wet-dry tank vacuum: advance sprite 16 (14-4333 #25 sccd) bf (b3-1l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go wheel chairs (ct.5) stellar invacare breezy & more (noupc) ja (b5-1) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go cpu's: 1 pallet- dell optiplex 745 755 960 (14-4508#1 olc) bf (b9-1l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go sewing machine and table: juki ddl-5530 (14-4333 #27 sccd) bf (d4-2r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go pre-insulated penn-sleeve: penn-union (14-4126 #1 masonco) bf (c1-6r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
Go threading machine: oster pipe master 654 (14-2949 #6 dshs) bf (c6-3r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 12/24/2014 
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Friday, December 19, 2014

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