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Go Item Name Location Mode Date
Go leg curl machine - (noupc) mn (c12-3l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/29/2016 
Go 1991 despatch quick quench furnace mfg. Auburn, WA Online 9/1/2016-9/6/2016 
Go 2011 kyocera 5500i multifunction copier. Silverdale, WA Online 8/30/2016-9/1/2016 
Go graco wheeled paint pump mdl/capacity unk. Fort Lewis, WA Online 9/2/2016-9/7/2016 
Go mtx power loudspeaker - (noupc) mn (c6-3l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/29/2016 
Go strong simplex 35mm projector & auxiliaries Pullman, WA Online ends 8/29/2016 
Go 5ea hewitt usa 2id fuel hose assy 75psi max. Fort Lewis, WA Online 9/1/2016-9/6/2016 
Go high jump mats - (16-2791 #47 evsd) mn (r-13) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/30/2016 
Go pallet jack: yale (16-2395 #52 doc) mn (r-13) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/29/2016 
Go hose and reel - (16-2779 #15 critc) mn (c6-1l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/31/2016 
Go exercise bench - (16-2779 #16 critc) mn (d6-2r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/31/2016 
Go fire extinguishers - (16-3147 #7 des) mn (b7-3l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/31/2016 
Go fire extinguishers - (16-3147 #8 des) mn (b4-3r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/31/2016 
Go fire extinguishers - (16-3147 #9 des) mn (b6-3l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/31/2016 
Go u.s. navy flushing/purification unit includes u. Fort Lewis, WA Online 9/1/2016-9/6/2016 
Go 2001 john deere progator 2020 turf utility vehicle Everett, WA Online ends 9/2/2016 
Go 15rolls (approx) military concertina wire on 1 plt. Fort Lewis, WA Online 9/12/2016-9/14/2016 
Go misc drain hoses - 1 pallet (16-3119 #95 ksd) ja (c4-2l) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/31/2016 
Go seal machine: brand unknown (16-2395 #18 doc) ja (b5-1r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/30/2016 
Go toner (1-plt.): mostly hp (16-3302 #1 fimgmnt) jf (a2-2r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 9/1/2016 
Go espresso machine: iberital 2 gr (16-1270 #6 dsb) ja (c9-2r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 9/1/2016 
Go rollift 6000# capacity hand operated hydraulic pallet jack. Fort Lewis, WA Online 9/6/2016-9/8/2016 
Go conveyor: cleveland range cvy-220-s (16-1317 #2 doc) ja (r-13) Tumwater, WA Online ends 9/1/2016 
Go electric convection oven: lang (16-2473 #138 tacsd) ja (c8-1r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/31/2016 
Go mostly p4 computers (ct.54 apprx) hp (16-2887 #9 hcc) ja (c5-3r) Tumwater, WA Online ends 8/30/2016 
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

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